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Adding radar locations

I’m using road lords in Portugal.
I’m trying to improve the best I can the map information adding new poi’s like parking spots, factories, etc.
I’ve tried to add fixed radars that exists here in Portugal and did it several times but when I drive in the same spot again the radar that I’ve added does not appear in the map, and I’ve done that several times now. What can this be?

Hi, thank you for your post.

Currently drivers cannot report fixed radars, as this information we have from map providers. If this fix radar is not on the map (it’s new etc.) probably it will appear in future map updates.

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Ok. So maybe the option in the app to add radars is useless for now but I think it would be faster if the users could add them instead of waiting for map updates.

It is not useless, as it was designed to report mobile radars and temporary radars. When someone report a radar, it is visible on map for a limited time (depending if other drivers confirm realness of the report).

But in the app says explicitly that is to report fixed radars, and you have a option to report mobile radars in the police report option.

That’s why I’m constantly reporting 4 or 5 radar fixed positions here in Lisbon area, because the app explicitly has a option saying report only fixed radar positions.

Currently, we do not have technical abilities to show on map fixed radars which were added by users. All reports are visible on map for a limited time, depending on number of drivers who confirmed the report. We know that report description can be misleading but for now there is no other possibility. Thank you for your understanding. :slight_smile:

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