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Adding speed cameras on the road

Do it needed multiple approvals to add a new speed camera? From different users? I’ve tagged a few cameras several times, but haven’t seen them yet appearing on my way in program.

Could you please describe where and when it was? We will check it out. Normally you do not need approval for send speed camera report. However, in some countries this function can be blocked.

Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy does not show any speed cameras at all. The Lenovo tablet shows them properly.

Do you have the same version of the application? And what exactly model of Samsung Galaxy is it?

Road Lords has the same version installed: 1.8.11
Phone is Samsung Galaxy S9 +, Android 9.
Speed camera information is not shown in any country.

And one more observation:
Lot of “ghost parking areas” have arisen.
When driving, you can see that there is 1 rest area at some point plus 3-4 parking lots at the same location. Several users have marked their new POIs there, well, it gives points, but at the same time it cluttered the information. And if I want to edit this place, so which one?

Do you have online or offline maps? It is only a problem with speed cameras or with other incidents on the road too?

About the parkings, we are working on possibility of removing non-existed or duplicated points :slight_smile:

Downloaded maps on both devices. At the moment can not say about other incidents, did not notice. I’m trying to control.

Possibility of merging the duplicated points would also be an option?

Can you try it with online maps? It will help us to identify where is the problem.