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Alternative routes

Once you have chose a route between the ones calculated initially and you start to navigate, if you go to the option in the bottom of the main screen, you have 4 option, avoidance, vehicle settings, parking and fuel.
In my opinion you should make some improvements here.
First of all, if you go to avoidance normally you choose to avoid road tolls or motorways that exist in the calculated road but once you choose to avoid them (both or just one), if you go to the avoidance again you can’t choose to go by a toll road or motorway again, you have to cancel navigation and start again.
Second, I think that changing vehicle settings in the middle of navigation is not very useful, it would be more useful to have a option to make alternative routes calculation because now, when you choose a route, no matter what happens (accidents or traffic jams) the app doesn’t not suggest you better or faster alternatives in real time, like for instance Google maps does. If you are in a route in a traffic jam and want to look for alternatives you have always to stop the navigation and make new calculation. If you make corrections to this remember that as I’ve been saying in other posts that you have to create an algorithm to avoid at all costs narrow roads and secondary/low importance roads.
Best regards.

Thanks for the post. About avoid situation I made a note for the future improvement on this. About calculating routes - application has this option and searching for better routes in real time (comparing traffic, avoid and other situations). So this we have.