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I’ve read somewhere that you are more active interacting with the users on Facebook, but you have think about those users that don’t use that social network, like myself, but are actively trying to contribute to the app development. So, you shouldn’t forget the forum existence, specially the road lord Europe section, as I can see the the Polish one is not forgotten but unfortunately many users can’t read or write in Polish language.
I’ve created a topic saying that I could help you in the Portuguese language translation (there are several errors there) but I got no answer.
I’ve sent you several emails with suggestions and informing about bugs and no answer also.
If you want to have the most used truck navigation app you must not disregard this kind of contributions.


Thank you for your post and sorry for the delay in answering.

Of course, we also communicate in other sections, not only in Polish forum, but since this group is the most active on forum you can have impression that we do not care about other languages/nations. If you have any future suggestions or problems do not hesitate to write here or send me a private message - mails can be unseen for a long time due to large amount of them. I’ve checked it now, and make sure you got answer for all your previous posts here on this forum.

Thank you very much for your contribution! :slight_smile:

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