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Greattings ans ask supports

Greattings every one i am a new user
And i ask if Somebody can help me having the link to download the app or the site i can fond it
Best regards

Hi, you can find our app here:

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Hi many thanks for answer but is not available in the country wich i live france

Our application is available in: Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary and Ukraine. We are adding new countries constantly so please, be patient! :slight_smile:

Hi thanks so Munch i got it

So when it will be available in UK

We don’t have any specific information about release date in UK by now. Please, check us often for new updates on this.

When will be available on IOS ? Thanks

iOS is in plans for the future. But won’t be out anytime soon…

Now available in Portugal too :hugs::+1:

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