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Impossible manoeuvres and u-turns

My experience with road lords is a little bit bittersweet.
I consider de app an excellent tool for truck drivers and I’m cooperating in what I can to improve the information available about parking spaces or loading places.
Overall I consider the app very good but a lot of improvements as to be made on what is concerned about route calculation and some manoeuvres while trying to recalculate the route, when the app ask us to do impossible manoeuvres with the truck, calculating routes to turn back with impossible angles and most of all trough very small roads (I attached some photos).
Also you should program the app to avoid at all costs the u-turn manoeuvre, low importance roads and city centre (if possible).

Hello, thank for your review and suggestions. We are constantly working on improving application and releasing new updates. :slight_smile:

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Another example of a impossible manoeuvre.