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Map points of interest editing

Hello roadlords friends,

I want to make a suggestion about poi’s editing. It should be more easy to edit a point adding the possibility of for exemple make corrections in the name or in the location and in this last case by dragging the poi in the map to the correct place. To do this alterations now, the only way is to create a new poi and “ask” road lords to delete the old one using using the duplicate place or permanently closed options for example.
So I think that you should consider this possibility, for what I see there are a lot of pre-loaded poi’s in the map (at least here in Portugal) that are misplaced.
Also there is something about the search option that I think doesn’t work very well, if for example you search a Poi and write the name slightly different not using an accent or a capital letter like is originally written, there is no result some times, and also there’s no proximity criteria in the search, sometimes the first results are from places very far away with similar names, when it should show the nearest ones first.

Thank you, we will take this into consideration for future updates. :slight_smile: