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Option to remove accidentally reported reports

Hi, I have entered 2 reports by accident because there was no option to confirm the reports.

(Speed Control & Traffic Light) These were in last used and when clicked were immediately added. This is a big error.

I wanted to see if there were further options with each report button and I added 2 by accident.

If there had of been an option to confirm the entry this could have been avoided and also let the user know that there were no further options with that particular report.

Also an option for the user to remove there own reports would help to keep the maps clean and not have accidental reports all over the place.

So to solve this and the following 2 options…

1. Confirmation of report. (Do you want to add this report?) Yes/No or OK/Cancel
2. Ability for the user to delete/remove their own reports if they have been added by mistake.

This needs to be addressed asap to stop clutter/errors from accidental entries by users.


We tried to make this reports as simple as possible, with less clicks. So we do not plan on add the confirmation screen. When reports does not have any thumbs up from other drivers it will disappear in few hours.

A few hours is not good enough and will give drivers a bad impression of your application giving false information after user errors causing big rigs to take unnecessary diversions when they could simply remove their own mistakes.

Save yourself a big headache for the future.
And your welcome for the help. :open_mouth:

Thank you for your suggestion. :slight_smile:

I agree with your comments, a known error must be addressed asap by whoever knows to be wrong.

The worst thing is to ignore it and an accident occurs.

A few hours could be between two RoadLords passing that area.

An entry log of modifications in the app could remedy this. Entry is valid, you leave it. Entry not valid you remove it. Is that simple.