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Quick UK review!

Hi everyone.
Stumbled across this app by accident and thought I would give it a test drive.
I am very impressed so far for a free app but think some tweaks could make it a much better app to use. I currently use Co-Pilot Truck as my main navigation app so will mostly be comparing to that.

Things I like:
Interface nice and easy to use.

Maps nice and smooth when scrolling and zooming.
Search is quite powerful, I can search for the name of the places I am delivering to without needing the address.

Saving multiple waypoints as a favourite route. This is a VERY useful feature.

Advance speed limit change and upcoming parking also very useful.

I found the maps up to date. I used it inside central London and the routing was good. Not perfect but at least as good as other navigation apps.

ETA and traffic was also accurate.

Things I didn’t like:

Map should zoom in a little more at low speed in the city. Hard to see the exact road layout sometimes, especially in dark mode.

When planning a route, the map doesn’t always allow you zoom enough to make small road names visible.

GPS to sensitive, when stationary at a junction, the app will spin at random and lose its sense of direction until you start moving again, it’s a bit distracting.

No way to access main settings without cancelling your route.

No way to set preferences for types of road, eg. Choose motorway over country lanes. However default routing is pretty good for this anyway.

A app specific volume control would be nice.

Text on screen could be a little clearer. Maybe a different font or slightly larger text.

Hope that helps. Gonna keep trying out and will follow progress with interest. It’s not there yet but some small improvements could make me switch in the long term.


Thank you for your review. This is very important feedback to us. We are constantly working on improving functionality of the application. By the way, when you are in the navigation mode you can set avoids like specific countries or paved roads etc.

Thank you one more time and hope that you enjoy our app!

This is not true, you can access the main setting by touching anywhere on the bottom horizontal black bar. This will bring up the general settings WHILST on NAV route