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Let’s see who use Road Lords in UK?

Wide limit, road lords just make me a route over a 2m restriction, and I have

2.5m in my settings

Error on speed limit display, if u drive in UK and u have distance units set to km/meters, the speed limit sign is steel in mph and real speed in kmp

Hello, we’re sorry about this.
We’re working on the conversion issue between miles and kilometers you describe. Please be patient, it should be fixed in the next update.
As for the width restriction, could you please give us the start, end of said route and the vehicle parameters you use, so that we can analyse this situation? Thank you!

Uk here too, this is sygic, as i recognize it…i also saw in the terms and conditions its owned by sygic.
Tell me, how can it be free when sygic cost £64.99? What features do we not have?
Im using this for a caravan opposed to truck…i guarantee if you kept the name but addee “for truckers and caravanning” you’d get a lot of downloads as noone really has a decent caravan app without being expensive.

I am here, testing the app now for a few weeks and so far looks good.

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Hello Pete,
Thank you for your suggestion, we will think about the caravan market. Sygic Truck does have a couple features in addition to RoadLords and uses maps from a different map provider. I cannot comment on monetization and long-term financial plans as they are always up to the debate.