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Russian language

hi! nice app, reminds me waze :wink:
cannot fint info about maps source. is it teleatlas or navteq?
do you have plans to translate into russian? what about thread for russian-speaking users (ukrainians, russians belorussians)?

Hi, thank you very much for your post!

Our application is available in Russian and Ukrainian. All you need to do is change your phone language to one of this languages - then application automatically switch to new language too. We have few map providers.

Hi, also problem with language, I use Estonian.
In Lenovo tablet everything is Ok, but in Samsung Galaxy s9+ Interface in Estonian, but voise guidance American English. As I understand it, I cannot change it myself.

We do not support Estonian language by now. Some parts of the application can be still in Estonian but mainly this language is not available in our application yet.

OK, but on the Lenovo tablet, voice guidance speeks Estonian. With the same voice as Sygic (installed also in that tablet) - maybe Road Lords can use that voise file installed for Sygic? Is it possible?

In settings you can choose Estonian voice guidance. So try to choose and then it should work. :slight_smile: