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Speed Limit not always correct

great app
but some of the speed Limit signs on app are not right
I think it map be in converting from KPH to MPH
27 MPH should be 30
37 MPH should be 40

and motorway set to 70 MPH in lorry setting should be 60 MPH



In Portugal there’s a similar problem, on motorways the truck speed limit is 90 km/h but the app shows 110 km/h, and some major roads (national roads) that are limited to 80 appear with a 70 km/h (this occurs also In Spain).

Are you sure you have set up the truck vehicle? If yes, please share a print screen with us with detailed location so we can check it. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Uploading: Screenshot_20200103-080310_RoadLords.jpg…

As you can see, the screenshot is taken while navigating in the A1 Motorway, and the vehicle settings are well set up for trucks as you can see in the picture that I will upload in the next post for this topic.

Truck settings set up

Ok thank you very much, it will help us to identify the problem :slight_smile:

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Yeah 75% of the time the speed limits that show on the map are 3mph slower than they actually are. 37 mph and 27 mph. The speed limit warning sign that dings when you go over speed actually shows the correct speed of say 40 mph

Can you please send some screenshots with examples? It will help us to solve this problem?

Near London many of 40 MPH speed limits shows 35mph

Thank you for your report. :slight_smile: