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Traffic avoidance

Hello roadlords friends,

In this screenshot I send you one of the situations where the app calculates an inadequate route to avoid a traffic jam, and maybe this is caused because the poor information about truck restrictions in your map version, but regardless of the information about truck restrictions available in the map version, I think you should program the app to avoid at all costs narrow roads or very low importance ones as well as urban centres because in many cases, dispite there is no truck restrictions signalling they are not suitable for truck and sometimes, for very confidant in the app drivers that can be a trap and a lot of trouble.

Thank you for the suggestion! We are constantly improving the app but routing is very large and general subject so it is a long way to make it perfect. :slight_smile:

I know but in this case I think the issues I raise about lack of truck restrictions information in the maps or avoidance of narrow or secondary roads would are the ones that cause this type of route calculation when the app try to avoid traffic but sends you to unsuitable roads :crazy_face: